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Team's Testimony

Victor Ching
Commercial Junior Manager

"Amazin’ Graze stands a special place in my heart professionally and personally. The experiences that I have gained along the way are irreplaceable to my career growth.

Every employee is given a chance to be heard, and there are ample growth and opportunities available to those who strive for excellence. It is a young & dynamic organization with an ongoing, innovative, and entrepreneurial approach that distinguishes it from its competitors. I find myself among a great group of coworkers who work together in a spirit of mutual benefit. We work as a family. I love that everyone cares for each other"



Online Team Lead

"I have been working with Amazin’ Graze about 4 years and half and there were a lot of things I have learned throughout the years. I've started as an Operations Executive where I I managed orders and deliveries for offline and online customers for about 1 year plus. However, due to some personal issue, I have agreed to be transferred to HR & Admin team which provided flexibility to me.

I've learned to be more organized and see the big picture vision. It has provided me a great work experience that I will be very proud of in my portfolio. Years passed and with my accomplishments in HR & Admin team, I find that I'm ready to go back to fulfillment following my original interest. Once again, I received full support from Amazin’ Graze. Now, I was able to explore more in the fulfillment world itself. Thank you Amazin' Graze for always supporting and helping me in making the right decisions for my career!"



HR Intern

"As any other fresh graduate, our first job would always be something that’s nerve-wrecking. However, that wasn’t the case for me when I started my 5 month internship at Amazin’ Graze. No doubt there were various challenges that I had to overcome, but I really couldn’t think of better people to support me through it than my team. That closeness, that personal touch the team has, is the one thing that allowed me to grow, learn and succeed.

The inclusivity of everyone in the company allowed me to form closer bonds with colleagues from other teams. Amazin’ Graze did not look at my rank as “just an intern” and because of that my voice was heard. I was given so many opportunities to explore new skills and to brush up on existing talents. I have to say it was definitely one of the most exciting experiences I’ve ever had!."


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