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Team's Testimony

Thirisaah Emile
Admin Executive

"My career path has evolved significantly in the past two years since I started working at Amazin' Graze. My team has been incredibly supportive of my work and efforts, which has encouraged me to step out of my comfort zone and break through numerous obstacles that have come my way. Without their support, I don't think I could have advanced this far. I've had plenty of opportunities to broaden my knowledge and polish my skills, which I am proud to add to my portfolio.

Every employee wants a family-like environment at work, and Amazin' Graze offers just that—a collaborative space where people can learn and grow."


Johanan Kong

Online Fufillment Assistant Manager

Amazin' Graze is more than just a workplace; it's a hub for personal growth and development. Working alongside passionate individuals in a collaborative team environment has not only expanded my professional skills but has also fostered significant personal growth.

The management's commitment to providing ample opportunities for personal development has allowed me to acquire new skills, enhance my strengths, and broaden my horizons. Through cross-departmental collaborations and engaging projects, I have gained valuable insights and learned from my talented colleagues.

Amazin' Graze has truly become a catalyst for my growth, both professionally and personally, making it an exceptional and transformative experience.


Danish Syarof

Supply Chain Assistant Manager

"Working at Amazin' Graze was an incredibly enriching experience that pushed me to step out of my comfort zone and broaden my perspective on supply chain management. Throughout my time there, I had the opportunity to delve into various aspects of the supply chain, including inventory management and supply planning.

These experiences were entirely new to me, and I am grateful for the trust and support I received from my managers, as well as the backing of my colleagues. Their unwavering support played a crucial role in enabling me to successfully navigate these new challenges and excel in my role."


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