Many of us will set some sort of self-improvement goals in the beginning of the year like “I will eat healthier this year”, “I will exercise more!”, “I will sleep more.”  Unfortunately, come end of the year, the common sentiment is that we have fallen far short from these goals. If you are anything like me, there’s usually some self-loathing and then another ambitious vow to be better next year.

Come, let’s do a test. It’s nearly mid-February of this new year. How well have you kept up up with your new year resolutions? It doesn’t help that Chinese New Year has arrived and you can’t say no to your grandma’s traditional CNY dishes.

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Making lifestyle changes doesn’t happen overnight. Good intentions alone without action can only last so far. My first lesson learned about eating healthy is that you need to be prepared.  When hunger strikes, we usually grab what is most accessible to us at the moment, whether it’s that Oreo biscuit lying on the desk or that packet of potato chips in the pantry.

People with healthy lifestyles are prepared.  They often think a day or two beforehand and ensure that they have the right foods and snacks with them at their desks or kitchen.

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This is the very reason why we have created the Amazin’ Box –regular delivery of healthy snacks of your choice to your doorstep.  Every Amazin’ Box will come with 4 healthy treats.  We currently have over 50 yummy nutritious snacks that you can choose from.  Moreover, our Amazin’ Kitchen is working hard to add even more choices for you on a monthly basis.


You can expect a large selection of healthy snacks including granolas, nuts & seeds, fruit medleys, healthy cookies, power bars, almond balls, home-dehydrated fruits, vegetable chips, superseed crisps, nut & seed clusters and more!


Here’s how it works:

  1. Select snacking preference

There are 4 snack preferences to choose from: Surprise Me, Protein Warrior, Nature Purist and My Pick.

Like its name, Surprise Me snack preference is for people who want to be surprised, wants minimal fuss with snack selection and wants to explore a variety of different snacks on the menu.

Gym bunnies will take to Protein Warrior, with protein-packed combinations rich in nuts and seeds, all crafted in delicious flavours such as Wasabi Almonds, Tom Yum Cashews and Almond Choco Balls.

Nature Purist offers natural and high-fiber snacks such as in-house dehydrated fruit and vegetable chips, trail mixes of nuts, dried fruits and superfoods. Flavouring and processing is minimized so you can taste the natural goodness of the ingredients.

For those who know exactly what they want, the My Pick snack preference is it.  This group of grazers will choose their favourite healthy snacks from over 50 choices and can change their preferences as frequently as they want.

  1. Select delivery frequency

You can choose how often you want their Amazin’ Box to be delivered - weekly, every two weeks or every month.   You can change their delivery frequency easily too by logging into to your account online.

  1. Sign up & check out

After choosing grazing preferences, the last step is to complete your account details, delivery address, any special delivery instructions and then key in your payment details, kick back and wait for our delicious morsels of natural snacks to make their way to you.