Curry has truly evolved into a global food, through colonisation, immigration and trade from it's origins in India. Today, curry is everywhere, from chicken tikka masala in the UK to fiery green curry in Thailand, katsu curry in Japan and goat curry in Jamaica.


The term "curry" will probably evoke a very different image in a person's mind depending on their geography. All it really takes to be labeled a curry is a spice blend rooted in the Indian curry tradition, so there are understandably a crazy amount of variations across the globe. Did you know about all the different types of curries that exists? Here are 5 different types of curries to get started!


1. India


Naturally, we will start at the birthplace of curry. Indian cuisine is known to be rich in flavour as they use various spices like cumin and nutmeg in a harmonious blend. Their curry dishes are incredibly diverse and complex, with local specialties and traditions varying from state to state and community to community. Some of the more known ones include: Korma (a creamy dish made with coconut milk or yogurt), biryani (rice dish that often includes ginger, garlic, and onions) and paneer curry, which features India's version of cottage cheese.





2. Malaysia


As an important maritime trade route colonised by the British, labourers from India were hired to work on rubber and palm plantations. Along comes a variety of delicious curries.. Tangy fish head curry, Tamil-influenced chicken varuval, the tender beef/lamb rendang and even Nyonya Kari Ayam (bone-in chicken curry) which features a mix of Chinese techniques and Malaysian ingredients.




3. Thailand



The curries from "The Land of Smiles" are as colourful as their culture. The colour can also be used as a helpful spice indicator. The yellow Kaeng kari (yellow curry) is a mild option traditionally served with cucumber relish, and kaeng khiao wan (green curry) is a much spicier dish due to its green chilies. Meanwhile, kaeng phet (red curry) ditches the green chilies for red ones, in case you didn't figure that out. You're usually in for a hearty helping of coconut milk and kaffir leaves with Thai curries.




4. Vietnam



Influenced by the French, curries in Vietnam are typically served with baguette. The most well-known curry dish here is probably the cari ga, or chicken curry, which interestingly uses sweet potatoes instead of the usual potatoes.




5. Japan



One of the more well known different type of curry is the Japanese curry which is mild and thick. A true comfort food that is eaten by most Japanese growing up. Usually cooked with pre-made spice mixes or curry roux, Japan's thick and mellow variation usually features chunks of stewed beef, onions and carrots over a bed of rice.




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