Working out once a week can be challenging for those with a busy schedule, including us! In conjunction with Amazin’ Graze’s ‘A Better Me Is Coming’ campaign, we launched a 16 Steps Challenge to encourage everyone to live healthier by eating better, trying different workouts, and adopting new habits. After all, we believe it only takes a little push to start a habit. 

The public who joins this challenge have a month to complete all 16 steps, but what happens if we decide to complete all the workout sessions in one week? Well - to say the least - things got a little intense... 


Three individuals with different fitness levels from Amazin’ Graze took up the workout challenges. Meet WeiWen (Social Media + PR), Vivian (Creative Design) and Victor (Business Development). Here’s what they have to say! 





WW: We had the opportunity to try out EPIQUE FITNESS’ F-HIIT class. It was a beautiful gym located in the heart of KL, filled with luxurious equipment and lush facilities. I haven’t worked out in awhile, so this 45 minute workout really kicked me in the butt! We were doing 1 minute sets and 15 second rests with barbells, medicine balls and row machines… We worked our legs, core and arms all in 45 minutes!  By the end of it I was truly surprised I was still (barely) standing! 


Vivian: I enjoyed Epique's F-HIIT class a lot! I find working with different stations really interesting and the coach pushed me to my absolute limit. Facilities is the second thing I love about Epique. Their environment is amazing and they even have ice cream available! No better way to treat yourselves after an intense workout… ?


Victor: I workout periodically in EPIQUE Fitness so their one-of-a-kind fitness centre is no surprise to me. We had the opportunity to go for their F-HIIT class, which is also one of their signature classes. The coach really pushed me to the limit, while it was extremely exhausting it was also fun and a good way to start the week! 





WW: Coach Dann was our coach for the day and he was incredible! He took the time to explain the basics to us, made sure we understood our sets and through the 1 hour session was incredibly motivating while correcting our postures to make sure we got it right! This entire hour was built to test your endurance, with running laps, weighted box jumps, ball slams, burpees, and ending it all with a kilometre of rowing. It was an incredibly fun experience and will definitely do it again… though I did wake up the next day with the most unimaginable aches!! 


Vivian: I’ve always wanted to check out Crossfit Pahlawan since I moved to KL and I finally had my chance! Crossfit Pahlawan is situated on a rooftop and their air ventilation is perfect. The instructor is very experienced and he taught us the basic moves before we started the workout to avoid unpredicted injuries. The class was intense but I loved it!


Victor: It was my first experience going to a CrossFit gym. Amazing facility and great atmosphere. Definitely a good place to workout and push yourself to the next level. We have pulled off varied functional movements performed at high intensity. These movements reflect the best aspects of gymnastics, weightlifting, running, rowing and more. Like!!!





WW: I’m usually quite a big skeptic to these kinds of sessions, but I was actually impressed. Jojo herself was our instructor for the day and I must say she is really amazing at what she does! The session was incredibly unique and nothing like I’ve experienced before and during the sound healing I felt completely at peace. There were some moments during the session where I can’t explain, but it was quite an extraordinary feeling and it’s something I’d definitely love to go for again. 


Vivian: First impressions: we were absolutely in awe of the studio’s decorations. It was filled to the brim with energy crystals, dream catchers, homemade crafts - which made me feel so cosy! There was also a little in-house cafe to grab a drink or a bite before classes start. We attended a sound healing class and I’m going to be honest with you… the class blew my mind. Jojo (our instructor) taught me different breathing techniques that I've never even thought of. What truly amazed me was I could feel a little Chakra energy ball in my hands after we did some special moves taught by Jojo. This was definitely an eye-opening experience for me!


Victor: At OhanaJo, we went through an hour-long session of controlling our breathing techniques and experiencing Sound Healing, for the first time! I experienced a partial loss of consciousness between the session, that was magical! This class, is by far the most enjoyable and fascinating (probably because I didn’t have to move much). What an experience! 

Fun fact: Did you know sound healing has been used as a therapy to cure many ailments?





WW: I’ve always wanted to try boxing with actual boxing bags as I used to go for Combat classes and only punched the air. We went to Emilio’s class and boy… he was a great motivator, music was pumping and so was my adrenaline. It was probably my favourite class among all, and I think I might have had a bit too much fun as my knuckles were bruised after that too! 


Vivian: There was a huge boxing arena in the middle, and the fitting room was very spacious! The staff were very helpful as they helped me to gear up with the boxing bands. Overall the class was energetic, as the instructor and music really hyped up the atmosphere. The whole experience boosted my core muscle - for those who like to train your upper body strength, this is definitely the class for you. Boxing is cool! 


Victor: I had my first experience with Emilio’s class and it was LIT! Killer combos! The vibe was great, and Emilio was extremely motivating. There is no better way to relieve stress than hitting the punching bag! I'll definitely be coming back to Tribe regularly.





WW: The instructor had told us to take off our shoes upon entering his class and I already knew it was going to be a unique experience. I’ve never worked out without my shoes before and it was… interesting. I’ve never heard of Piloxing, and after this class I really feel like I’ve been missing out. This class was fun yet so intense for your lower body with its’ pilates elements. The little dance sessions throughout the class was such a cute way to take a breather between sets. 


Vivian: From the moment we went in, the staff were so friendly! The instructor was very experienced, he explained all the moves thoroughly, telling us which muscle is being used for each move and how it will benefit us. It was such a unique class! I’ve never attended classes like this before. I’ll definitely go again, I highly recommend it for anyone who would like to have a full body workout, piloxing style!


Victor: This wasn’t just an ordinary workout… It was so different and extraordinary, it honestly put me in such a good mood! Piloxing is a fusion of pilates, kickboxing, and dance, and anyone can do it! It is a full-body workout with great cardio blasts. Super high powered, fun and momentous.





WW: As a little reward (?) to end such an intense week, Victor and I decided to go for a hike at Bukit Tabur - one of KL’s most notable hiking trails. We got a little lost at the start but quickly found our way and soon enough was at the peak with the most breathtaking skyline views. It was a fun hike, though toward the peak it was pretty much bouldering your way up. It was actually quite terrifying but worth it - look at that view! 


Victor: I must say, it has a very rewarding view at the top. If you are an inexperienced hiker, I would strongly suggest going with someone that is familiar with the route. Duh, we are lost for a while back there. Normal safety precautions such as checking the weather forecast, bringing a torchlight (if you are hiking before 5 am) and wearing a good pair of shoes are necessary. The rugged terrain offers a bit of a challenge. We took around 2.5 hours in total. Extra precautions should be taken when climbing up and coming down from the peak as it is pretty steep and dangerous! 


After 6 workouts in 6 days… it’s safe to say that we are the fittest we’ve ever been and also… the most sore we’ve ever been in our lives. Are you up for the challenge?

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