We’re sure you’ve felt caught up in the everyday hustle and bustle at least once in your life. The worst time this pressure can show up is on Valentine’s Day! But on Valentine's Day, well, there's no forgetting how important it is to adorn your loved ones. Whether they take Valentine’s Day seriously or they tend to be more laid back when it comes to grand gestures, picking the right gift for your partner is all you want; to make them smile and feel all the love.

Valentine’s Gifts For Him & Her

Here’s a list for anyone on ‘your list.’ 


You could lean into tradition with popular picks:

1. Flowers

valentine day gift - flowers

Flowers on Valentine’s Day represent our love and appreciation for those special people in our lives. However different flowers can convey different meanings - the rose is generally known as symbolizing “love at first sight.”

2. Chocolate

valentine gift idea - chocolate

Chocolates have always seemed to be a Valentine’s Day staple. Chocolates on Valentine’s Day have had different significance throughout history, but the Aztecs believed chocolate to be an aphrodisiac. Many historians believe that sparked its popular use on Valentine’s Day.

3. Scented Candles

scented candle valentine gift ideas

If there was ever a day when a candle can be essential to setting the mood, it's Valentine's Day. Scented candles can create the perfect ambiance for February 14 - whether you're hanging at home or planning a romantic dinner for two. Whatever smell you think is most romantic is the right way to go. Nonetheless, these scents remind us of romance; Rose, Vanilla, Jasmine, and Patchouli.

4. Heart-Shaped Cakes 

cake for valentine day

Similar to the aphrodisiac qualities of chocolate, sweet foods are thought to have the same effect. Expressing your feelings through a heart-shaped cake that symbolizes love and passion is just the icing on the cake! 

Unconventional Gifts: Think Outside The Chocolate Box

Or you could take the unconventional route with non-cheesy gifts your significant other can enjoy all year-round. We’ve bundled the perfect pairings for him, for her, and even for yourself!

5. Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas For Him (Psst it’s a bundle)

For the man that has everything, spoil him with chocolate! We’ve bundled all the yummiest chocolate goodies (+ pandan coconut) we have. Enjoy your Valentine’s night with luxurious and nutritious Dark Chocolate Brownie Chips and Pandan Coconut Nut Mix on the couch, sprinkle Hazelnut Blackforest Granola on your dessert, and shake up your Choco-holic Protein Blend in the morning… 

6. Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas For Her (Psst it’s a bundle)

For the woman that has everything, spoil her with indulgence! Here’s a special bundle fit for a Queen. Royally pamper your loved one by preparing her a sweet breakfast in bed with Low Sugar Strawberry Granola sprinkled with Antioxidant Berry Trail Mix. Plus you can make her a yummy shake with Oh-So-Vanilla Protein Blend and Smooth Peanut Butter.

7. Valentine's Day Self-Love Gift (Psst it’s a bundle)

All the single people, put your hands up! We didn’t forget about you. Take this opportunity to pamper yourself with spice or indulge in sweetness, 'cause why not? Empower your choices by selecting 1 Hummus chip, 1 Nut Mix, 1 Granola of your choice.

Btw did we mention that all these bundles are 10% OFF ? Go for it!

Prep The Rest Of The Night
Once you’ve prepared the perfect V-Day present, you can plan the rest of the date night, or possibly a romantic getaway. Be sure to up your game this February 14th. As a friendly reminder, sending some lovely flowers and their favorite chocolates is always an option, but for 2023, go a (romantic) step further with Amazin’ Graze.

P.S Don’t forget to grab a sweet message card (we have those too…)