This holiday season Amazin’ Graze is here to help you (Re)Discover the Magic in Christmas by treating you to a holiday filled with unforgettable memories. No matter near or far, Amazin’ Graze wishes that everyone can spread kindness through thoughtful gifting during this challenging time. It will be made perfect with a Gift of Health with our all-natural snacks thoughtfully packed in the dreamiest seasonal packaging, meticulously developed by our Artist of the Year - Yi Qing Gan.

About the Artist

Yi Qing is a Malaysia-based multidisciplinary Illustrator and Designer who loves giving visuals a breath of life. She believes that creativity can bring delight and connect people through whimsical strokes and meaningful messages. 

Inspiration behind AG Christmas Packaging

Yi Qing’s inspiration behind the seasonal Christmas packaging this year was the real Story of Nutcracker, with inspirations drawn from Mr Nutcracker, Grace (Amazin’ Graze mascot) and her friends (Mice the musician, Remy the Reindeer, Pollie the Polar Bear, Snowy the Snowman and Rea the Ballerina), which reflects the way she sees the world.

In the Amazin’ Graze version of Nutcracker , Mr Nutcracker and his friends brought Grace for a walk in the woods of Nut Land to (Re)Discover the wonders of magic in Christmas. Throughout the journey, Mr Nutcracker and friends played cheerful songs to make the magical journey an interesting one and they were also fascinated with various nuts along the way. Eventually, Mr Nutcracker and Grace found the magic spell in the middle of the woods with their friends and they were exhilarated with joy. 

Grace believed that there is always light in the darkness, which made this inspiration from the story of the Nutcracker extremely appropriate this year as it reminds us that we can always find light in the darkest of times during this pandemic. Hence, Yi Qing hopes to remind everyone through her illustrations on this collaboration with Amazin’ Graze that ‘we will all walk through hard times, and when the moment of joy is unveiled, let the moment be frozen’.

Amazin’ Graze x Yi Qing Gan: Daytime illustration for Festive Snack Gift Box (Work in Progress)
Amazin’ Graze x Yi Qing Gan: Night-time illustration for Festive Snack Gift Box (Work in Progress)

(Re)Discovering Magic with Yi Qing

In an interview with Yi Qing Gan, she revealed that among all the characters, which she has put so much thought and feeling into developing, she really adores Pollie the Polar bear the most:  

He clad in a beautiful costume that reflects his character — curious and cheerful. He's a carebear who gives warm fuzzy support to Grace and Harold. It was a great joy illustrat[ing] Pollie because I personally love drawing sparkles a lot and his role is to give a glow up to the characters with vibrant festive colours along with some shimmering gold! That gives me a sense of joy!’


To Yi Qing, Christmas is all about indulging in good food, sharing laughter and more importantly, reset. As the year is coming to an end, this is the season where she reflects on her growth and appreciates the journey she has experienced in the past year. She mentioned that ‘it feels like you are walking on hazardous snow which can be difficult but it is rewarding when you have reached the peak of the snowy mountain to witness the beautiful sunset’.

When asked which of the gift boxes she would gift her family, she responded with the sweetest reply that she would love to give them the Festive Snack Box to remind them that it is because of them, she is able to ‘rediscover the magic in [her] with miracles and curiosity’.

Lastly, Yi Qing wrapped up the interview by sharing that her ideal Christmas treat would be brownie chips dipped in nut butter then drenched in milk hence her AG favourites are the Brownie Chips (particularly the Peppermint Brownie Chips) and the Nut Butter Range!

Excited to see how Yi Qing works her magic around the characters on the packaging? Stay tuned to our social media platforms below!

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