Love is in the air! Be it Valentine's, Galentine's or Palentine's Day, it's a joyous occasion to celebrate with your loved ones. Wondering how best to show your love and gratitude apart from sickly sweet chocolates and expensive dinners? Here are some amazin' local brands you can look into for wholesome gift ideas!


  1. Ferns N Petals

    When you think of Valentines, you think of flowers! Check out Ferns N Petals, which has a wide array of flowers from classic roses to cheerful carnations. For the loved one you stare at with rose-tinted glasses, how bout' some red or pink roses to show your love and appreciation? For your gal-pals, go for yellow flowers: they symbolise friendship, new beginnings, and happiness! No matter the occasion, flowers are always a welcomed surprise, and you'll find the perfect bouquet for your loved ones with Ferns N Petals.


  2. Ice Cream Cookie Co

  3. A gift for those with an insatiable sweet tooth! From Ondeh Ondeh to Toasted Marshmellow, Ice Cream Cookie Co. have fun and whimsical flavours that'll make you feel like a true kid at an ice cream shop. They've even got dairy-free, vegan options like Acai Berry which pairs perfectly with our Banana Bread Granola (watch here)! Made with all-natural ingredients, this local company gets a massive thumbs up of approval from us. Of course, don't miss their gourmet ice cream sandwiches -  generous scoop of ice cream sandwiched between perfectly baked, chewy cookies.




  6. Hook Coffee


    Does "don't talk to me till I've had my coffee" sound familiar to you? If your partner lives on coffee, you've got to let them try Hook Coffee's fun and innovative flavours. Sold by beans, drip bags or convenient Nespresso compatible pods, fall in love with their coffees like RelationChip Goals, 50 Shades of Earl Grey, and even YayaKakaya - locally-inspired by Kaya toasts!



  9. Joi


    Here's a practical gift idea from local brand, Joi. Priding themselves on creating deodorants and shower gels that are made with 100% natural ingredients free from harmful chemicals, treat your loved ones to some pampering and show them you care for their overall well-being with these quality products. Not to mention we love the minimalistic packaging. Super cute!



  12. Amazin Graze (SG & MY)


    Beauty shines from the inside out with Amazin' Graze. Spring into a better you together with your partner and make mornings better with our healthy and fun breakfast options made from all-natural ingredients, with no added refined sugar or nasty additives! Our choice to show you're nuts about someone? The best-selling Classic Mini Nut Butter Box  featuring all 8 varieties of all our Nut and Peanut Butters! Give the gift of health and spread the love with these 100% nut butters made from high quality nuts sourced from around the world - no palm oil or emulsifiers added.





    And that's it! No matter your relationship status, make this day full of love for your partner, best friends or even just for yourself.