Enrich Your Sahur with the Goodness of Oatmeal

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Eating a healthy and wholesome meal at the start of the day is essential for keeping you and your family healthy, energised and fulfilled. 

Too often, people accidentally skip their Ramadan pre-dawn ‘sahur’ meal or choose the wrong foods to eat. Therefore it is important to eat the right foods for an easy and better fast. Not having a balanced sahur could leave you exhausted, hungry and thirsty all day.

3 Reasons to Enrich Your Sahur

Reasons to Enrich Your Sahur

For Health

A high fibre meal can keep you fuller for longer while also providing other health benefits such as weight loss, lowering blood sugar and cholesterol levels.

Our instant oatmeal goodness bowls are an excellent source of fibre that slows down the release of energy. This keeps you feeling fuller for longer and curbs your hunger. Preparing it with milk (dairy or non-dairy) will give it a creamier texture and more filling effect.

For Energy

Combining complex, slow-digesting carbs, high fibre, protein and healthy fats gives you a sustained supply, and longer-lasting boost of energy.

Nut Butters are packed with protein and healthy fats. They are both energising and satiating, keeping your body powered throughout the day and your midday cravings at bay. Drizzling our nourishing spreads all over your oats will give it extra flavour and rich creamy goodness.

For Family

Food brings people together, and cooking at home is a great way to do so. During Ramadan, Muslim families will typically gather round to enjoy a delicious spread. 

A balanced spread helps prepare the body for the fast during the day, and make digestion more efficient. Topping your oat bowl with delicious granola packed with unique superfoods will give you all kinds of antioxidants! Adding fresh fruits will restore your body’s electrolyte balance, and help the body feel fresh for the next day. A healthy family is a happy family.

All-in-One Sahur Meal Kit

Sahur Meal Kit

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How it works:

  1. Choose your base Oatmeal
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  3. Top it with crunchy Granola
  4. Add on extra superfood Snacks

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